Reception marks the beginning of a proper academic education for children between the ages of four and five years. Our reception classes build upon the nursery’s fundamentals, while consolidating and extending the foundation of the pre-school program. Our target in reception is to guide and support children in acquiring skills and obtaining experience in many areas of early learning, and at the same time maintaining the ethos of care and consideration for others.

We strive to assist the children in achieving their learning targets by ensuring they understand concepts taught in class and are encouraged to voice their opinions and any possible concerns. Through early observation and documentation of the children’s individual interactions and responses to others, we will be able to provide parents/guardians with regular progress updates.

At the reception stage, we aim to work towards and achieve the early learning targets of the British National Curriculum. Our focuses are on numeracy, literacy and language development, knowledge and understanding of the world, expressive art & design, physical education, and advancing each child’s individual personal, social, and emotional development.

This is the level which our children will reach by the end of the reception year before successfully moving on to year one. To create an essential base for future learning at the primary level, our children will also be introduced to the basis of early years education in science, history, geography, social studies, religious studies, music, arts & crafts, and ICT.