The pre-school learning programmes is directed by fully competent teachers in a stimulating and spacious environment. The classrooms are well equipped with appealing learning materials of the highest quality. Pre-school children start their journey in “Pre-Prep 1” (2-3 years) and then advance to “Pre-Prep 2” (3-4 years) the following year.

We implement the UK Early Years Foundation Scheme curriculum for our preschoolers to stimulate the children to become independent and self-assured within a happy and friendly environment. We prompt our children using Montessori principles and practices, which support activity based and proactive learning.

Our main focus at pre-school level is evolving the children’s personal, social, and emotional development, as well as developing their creative, literacy / language, numeracy skills and physical abilities using practical life activities, sensorial exploration, and outdoor activities.

Our practical life activities assist the children to perfect the skills needed to be independent on a daily basis. By learning these essential life skills, the children also develop good hand-eye coordination and the ability to be focused during the entirety of an activity. Successful completion of the activity provides the children with a real sense of achievement thus building their self-confidence.

Our sensorial materials will provide the children with an opportunity to constantly explore their environment and take in the world around them using their sense. These activities help to stimulate and develop the senses and refine the children’s power of observation, perception, exploration and communication.

We place plenty of emphasis on early learning, writing, and reading combined with an intense focus on phonics at the pre-school level. This is achieved through our Montessori teaching method and learning programme. We recognise that children develop and learn in different ways and at different paces. Therefore, our highly skilled teachers are available to assist in the development process through meaningful play with activities, including speaking and listening, singing, arts & crafts, painting, storytelling, music, and having fun with numbers, shapes, sizes, and colours.

The importance of orderliness, taking turns, and good manners are highly emphasised at the pre-school stage. Children are prompted to adopt a ‘can do’ attitude. Above all, our aim is to ensure that our children have fun, are happy, and experience the joy of learning.