Our School

Atlantic Bay Preparatory School is a private school situated in Lekki, by the beautiful Alpha Beach with charming views of the rolling Atlantic Ocean.
We are a co-educational school for children between the ages of three months to 11-years-old. Our aim is to develop your child by offering a well-rounded education and supporting them in all aspects of life. We provide small class sizes and child-friendly learning facilities using state-of-the-art resources. We are devoted to enriching children’s learning and growth by reinforcing the importance of politeness, friendship, and mutual respect for others. Parents will have peace of mind knowing their child will be cared for by experienced, dedicated, and qualified staff.

Our children are encouraged to establish their own individual personalities whilst building up high levels of self-esteem and acquiring knowledge and skills, which will not only prove valuable to them in the next phase of their education but also in future endeavours. We intend to provide an educational experience, which is pleasurable, motivating, and challenging for the child. We also aim to instil positive behaviour in all of our children.

We work towards the requirements of the British National Curriculum with particular emphasis on social studies and Nigerian culture. We offer a wide range of facilities including the necessary equipment for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), cookery, music, drama, and art, thus providing a broad, all-inclusive curriculum. Our well-furnished library and book club encourages children to take delight in reading at a very early stage.

At Atlantic Bay Preparatory School, we aim to provide a safe and friendly environment in which every child can attain all the fundamental academic and social potentials needed for future development. Attaining excellence in all we do is vital to our existence and key to our structured learning programme. As an on-going objective, we aim to inspire a caring, respectful, confident, and responsible individual who will be able to excel in an increasingly competitive society.