Our Objectives

Atlantic Bay Preparatory School’s objectives are intended to lay a quality foundation for the children’s education and progress.

These will be achieved through:

  • The utilisation of highly suitable and qualified staff.

  • Meeting the individual needs of children and promoting their welfare through the provision of activities and opportunities, which will help in developing their emotional, physical, social, and intellectual capabilities.

  • Ensuring appropriate, suitable and well-designed equipment and materials are used to help create an appealing learning atmosphere for children.

  • The promotion of safety within the school grounds and on outings while ensing the correct precautions are taken to prevent accidents. We also advocate the good health of children and take appropriate measures when children are ill.

  • Ensuring that children are provided with nutritious meals and sufficient quantities whilst complying with dietary and religious requirements.

In addition to the above objectives, the school will also:

  • Ensure that all staff comply with the school policy procedures and make certain that all practitioners working with children within the premise are able to implement the procedures.

  • Keep and maintain accurate documentation of records, policies, and procedures, which are required for the efficient and safe management of the school

  • Guarantee the creation of an environment where the cultural needs and ethos of everyone is valued equally and expressed through storytelling and other methods.

We hope to seek, encourage, and consolidate the active participation of parents/carers development of their children. We believe that an on-going process of consultation with parents/carers will ensure constant feedback on the children’s progress.